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Mission Statement

The KFA is the voice of the Kansas fireworks industry; promoting safety in the design and use of all 1.4G (Class C) fireworks. Our members are dedicated to encouraging and promoting fireworks to the public and before the legislative, executive and judicial branches of state and local governments.

Purposes of Association

Promote the safe and legal use of all 1.4G (Class C) fireworks for the enjoyment of all American families;
✔ To educate the public and the consumer on the safe use of fireworks.
✔ To establish programs through which the dissemination of information to the public and to the members of the Association may be accomplished through meetings, publications, the Kansas Fireworks Safety Committee, volunteer and municipal fire departments and the use of the media or other forms of communications.
✔ To encourage and promote the fireworks industry in Kansas before the legislative, executive, judicial, and administrative branches of state and local government in Kansas.
✔ To encourage the safe and proper use of professional public display fireworks and proximate fireworks, facilitate/encourage adequate training for professionals, and help protect the public as well as the interests of the display and proximate member firms of KFA.